Jung Dongha's Interview (Newsen)

2013.03.02 08:34

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Jung Dongha, singer from the group Boohwal, talked about taking a break from performing

in the KBS2 show ‘Immortal Song’. Jung Dongha’s last performance was on the

‘Lim Jaebeum Special’ which was broadcast on February 23.

In the show, Jung Dongha enthusiastically sang ‘Flying High’ in front of Lim Jaebeum whom

Jung Dongha admires the most and who has been a role model for him.

Jung Dongha received a great review and praise after singing.


At the interview after the last recording for the show ‘Immortal Song’, Jung Dongha said


that he felt pressure continuously doing something new in his performance on the stage


of ‘Immortal Song.



“I haven’t had many opportunities to show different styles of performances.


So I have been yearning to perform something new and different.


However, I felt pressure that I had to produce something new each time. I will be on the show


occasionally, yet I am saddened that I finished my last performance for the show.


 Performing on ‘Immortal song’ is a turning point of my life. I hope this show lasts forever.


The program is like a bridge where the present and the past of music meet.


There are not many music shows. Through this program, many people have started to pay attention


to music”.




“Everybody treated me as a family member. The points or winning is not everything.

Literally, it is a festival. The first recording and the last recording were astonishing. 

I think because they are the beginning and the ending. I was in the show as a legend in the

'Boohwal Special' before commencing the performances solely. 

That is why I felt pressure during the first recording for the show”.



Jung Dongha felt less pressure after he joined with other singers to compete on the show.

He was thrilled that he could show his own performance, not competing as Boohwal member.

“Leader singer from Boohwal competes against other young singers. In fact, I had a rank as


vocalist for Boohwal before, but performing as Jung Dongha, I do not have any rank.


 I prepared with nervousness and the excitement. I was nervous for the first time since I began singing


as a professional singer. I still remember that excitement and nervousness. My last broadcast was


impressive because I met Lim Jaebeum whom I have admired the most since I dreamed of becoming


 a singer".



Jung Dongha won’t forget the ‘ Insooni special’ as well. The legend Insooni carried the touching

moment by signing along with Jung Dongha’s singing.


“The senior Insooni signed along with the lyrics while I was singing. There was no intention.

It was so beautiful. I was moved and cheered. Those beautiful moments will never be forgotten.

I had a glorious time”.




"I read the explanation that tells the difference between Superman and Batman. Superman is innate.

He hides his ability. When he takes off his shirt, he becomes Superman. However, Batman has to wear

his suit and then he becomes Batman. After I read that description, I thought I am close to Batman.

The original me is not the same Jung Dongha who sings and flies on the stage performing.

On the stage, I think I wear Batman’s suit. I am often so surprised by myself on the stage.

This amazes me".


 Jung Dongha's challenge is not only on the stage of Immortal song. He is performing as a musical

actor in the musical 'Joseph Amazing'. He does not want to get evaluated as a musical actor.

Jung Dongha just wants to deliver the meaning of the musical well.


"I do not want to be evaluated as a musical actor through performing in the musical 'Joseph Amazing'.

I just hope that many people come to see the musical and once again remember about the dreams that

may have been forgotten. 'Joseph Amazing' is the work that includes the time and passion of many

people. It is well prepared, so that many people see the musical and get inspiration from it.


The musical Joseph Amazing will be performed until April 11 at Charlotte Theater in Jamsil.



**Source: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201302232353482210